Deal the new Poker Movie

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Deal, the new movie with a poker theme has just been released. Burt Reynolds starring in it and it already gained about $ 35.000 in the first weekend. It’s not that easy as it seems to release a movie in 50 theatres and make a lot of money of it.


Movies like Iron man made more money in the first weekend of its release, than Deal did in its entire national release.


Well Burt Reynolds may not be that interesting anymore or not as much as it could be Robert Downey JR. starring in the Iron man, but there are still people who go to see him at the movies.


Another poker movie called The Grand that made about $ 26.000 on the opening weekend, which is less than Deal did, but the difference is that The Grand has been released just on 6 screens and not on 50 as the Deal was. The Grand is defined a poker “mockumentary”, apparently it has some nice parts and a decent insider humour, but it’s still not that amazing movie.


Well now the question is have the United States problems with movies which have as the principal subject, casinos and generally the gaming world? That doesn’t really make sense because the recent movie, 21 with starring Kevin Spacey, has a great success and made about $ 80,000,000 in the first weeks of its release. It is this year’s # 4 in the box office.


Still it seems that the best movie about poker is yet to come. Until now the best one has been the one called Rounders, with actors as Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich, that is successful also after ten years later its release.