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The online gaming company bwin Interactive Entertainment AG haven’t released its final year (2007) results yet.

At the end of 2007 bwin increased its gaming incomes above the ones they achieved in 2006 before it exit the US market and the Turkish one.

Sports betting are still the source of bwin’s business, because it represents 50% of it. But also poker became very strong in the business this year.

Exiting the US and the Turkish market meant a loss for the poker-related net incomes for the year, because they decreased 22, 2%.

But the good part is that excluding both of these markets helped bwin to grow its business post UIGEA. The net gaming incomes grew. The company reported a strong growth of gaming incomes in Euro. Bwin expects to have even more success in the first quarter of 2008.

The detailed results of bwins this year incomes will be released on april this year.