Dutch banks in trouble

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Online gambling became illegal last month in the Netherlands and now Dutch banks have to stop servicing Web casinos. Besides, as a Justice Ministry spokeswoman confirmed that in the NL were frozen also financial services in about 50 illegal gaming companies.

This group of companies includes also the Swedish one called Unibet and a local NL company called Oranje Casino. The European Union tries to give online gambling to its citizens hoping that would increase the market competition. Many European countries already did legalize online gambling, like Britain for example, where almost every kind of online gambling is allowed.

The Netherlands still don’t want to do the same. They allow just the national Dutch lottery to offer cyber gaming. A month ago the Holland’s upper class voted against a bill that would have permitted gaming operator Holland Casino to open a gambling web site.

Holland Casino can’t just understand why marihuana and the prostitution are legal in their country and online gambling not. It’s strange that the government isn’t worried about having people addicted to drugs or to sex, but it is worried that legal gambling could make its population addicted. The online gambling industry could reach about $48 billion by 2010 and the Dutch government fears that that would blow to state betting monopolies and it could lose money at the end.

All illegal gambling firms will be brought to the court.

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